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South Korean serial fever was struck several countries in Asia, including in the homeland. This phenomenon shows the country’ssuperiority in the world of entertainment. Popularity of the Koreanartists in Asia soared like a meteor.

They are open only famous because of his achievements, butalso because the face is gorgeous. The star of East Asia is considered to have a unique beauty and appearance is perfect.Here are 10 Korean artists who received the title as the most beautiful artist:

10. Kim So Yeon

Kim So Yeon is one of the artists who entered the ranks ofKorea’s finest artists. Women born 2 November 1980 is popular after starring in the series ‘All About Eve’ to accompany the actorJang Dong Gun. His acting ability was again tested when hemust appear in Hong Kong’s big-budget movie ‘Seven Swords’in 2005.

Kim So Yeon career goes on. In 2009, he became one of the major artists in the famous series ‘Iris’. He appeared consistentlyin the series also stars actor Lee Byung Hun. In that series he played as a North Korean agent Kim Seon-Hwa bernam.

Although Korea’s acting enlivened by new entrants, the artist isstill able to maintain its popularity as top stars. In 2010, Kim SoYeon starred on “Athena: Goddess of War. Her beauty is stillgetting recognition.


9. Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim made ​​her debut in the Korean entertainmentindustry with appearances in Kpop SES group in 1997.However, the owner of the original name of Kim Yoo Jin is notsatisfied solely devoted to the world of drag votes alone. He began to glance at the world of acting. It was done this artist after he chose to pursue a solo career.
Since not rejoin the group, Eugene Kim began to focus on theseries and movies in 2002. The plan, 23 July, a woman bornMarch 3, 1981 is going to marry her boyfriend, actor Ki TaeYoung. The two met while filming the series ‘Creating Destiny’.


8. Han Ga In

In South Korea, Han Ga In is known as a model and actress. His debut in acting began when the owner of the name of Kim HyunJoo is acting in ‘Sunshine Hunting’ in 2000. After that, her beautiful face often graced a number of series in the country.

Artist born February 2, 1982 is also getting some awards for his acting. In 2003, Han Ga In receiving the award from the KBS asbest new artist. In 2005, he also won the actress award for’Excellence Awards’.

7. Jeon Ji Hyun

Her beautiful face first graced several magazines in South Koreaas a model. Because of her beauty and acting talent he hassupported, a woman born October 30, 1981 is to try their luck in acting. He was one of the lucky ones. His acting skills get the public recognition of their country of origin.

He continued to hone his acting talent. The film, starring Jeon JiHyun ‘Il Mare’ to make this woman earned high praise. In fact, this film makes the director the United States to make his Americanfilm version. The film titled ‘Lake House’. Played by top artistsand Hollywood, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

After that, Jeon Ji Hyun will begin to look serial. He starred in theseries that also reap success titled ‘My Sassy Girl’.

Because of its role in the serial genre was romantic comedy,Jeon Ji Hyun was awarded as Best Actress in a Film FestivalDaejong 2002. The film that made his name more and shineamong others, ‘Windstruck’ and ‘Daisy’.


6.Lee Da Hae

Lee Da Hae-known thanks to his acting in the series that alwaysreap eksuksesan of ‘My Girl’ and ‘Green Rose’. Before known as an actress, born 19 April 1984 she had a chance to live in Australia. He also had his education in the country Kangaroo.However, the art world has attracted the attention of the actress.While in Australia, he followed the course of acting and alsotraditional Korean dances.

After returning to Korea, this beautiful artist started his acting debut. He began his acting through the series ‘Ling Ling’. After that some of the series continued up to a woman named ByunDa Hae’s like ‘My Girl’, ‘East of Eden’ and ‘Miss Ripley’. Lee DaHae is also briefly appeared as a cameo in the series ‘FugitivePlan B’, starring Rain.


6. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin makes his debut as an actress through the drama ‘Delicious Proposal’. Success catapulted him through the series and the flood of offers for acting on the big screen. Her achievements as a top Korean actress began to be recognized since he starred in the drama series ‘Summer Scent’. The series is not only a success in its home country alone, but also in other Asian countries.

Huge success of his hard work bear fruit. He was not only successful in the series but also in widescreen. The film, entitled ‘A Moment to Remember’ is taken based on the story of Japan’s success. Movie tickets sold over two million in Korea. The success of this film also happens outside of Korea.

During this time, he is closer to the roles of serious and melancholy. But, he did not miss a chance to look different in the series ‘Personal Taste’. In this series, he collided with a young actor acting on the rise. Lee Min Ho.

Thanks to his appearance in the series, Son Ye Jin’s name getting bounced. He is not only known by adult fans, the fans teenagers also gampa spell the name and face familiar. After that, he had performed a cameo in the series ‘Secret Garden’, a series sold well in Asia,

4. Kim Hee Sun
Kim Hee Sun is one of the most famous Korean actresses not only in her native country but also in mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all countries in Southeast Asia. Typically face a syadu make it easy to remember.

Kim has been to pursue acting, drama and movies more than a decade. Some films that starred a great success. Movies that catapulted his name, among others, ‘Ghost In Love,’ Bichunmoo ‘,’ The Myth ‘. In the last film, he collided acting with great actors Jackie Chan.

His long career journey makes him not forget his personal life.He is married and blessed with a baby girl.

3. Kim Tae Hae

Artist one is always being compared to Song Hye Kyo. Kim Tae Hae steal the show when he appeared in the series ‘Stairwat to Heaven’. He is famous for his role as the evil half-brother.However, that role was a blessing for artists born March 29, 1980 this.

Since that role, the artist who is famous for its fashionable and beautiful appearance is always flooded with offers to star in series and commercials.

Kim Tae Hae’s acting abilities increasingly taken into account when this artist accompany actor Lee Byung Hun in the series ‘Iris’. The series is very successful and reap the praise in Korea.He is known as the Korean star who has a natural beauty. And his name was entered in the ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ in Korea.

2. Lee Hyori

Besides known beauty, Hyori Lee is also famous for its sexy appearance. Although a number of young stars continue to be present to enliven the Korean entertainment world, Lee Hyori remain displaced even more shine. Women born May 10, 1979 is still triumphed. He is one of the highest paid female singer.

Hyori Lee began his career of music group Fin.KL But, he finally dared to pursue a solo career. The choice was not wrong. He was even more successful after a solo career. Not only known as a singer, he is also an actress.

1. Song Hye Kyo

For lovers of Korean drama series, Sng Hye Kyo’s name was familiar. Hyun Bin’s former boyfriend is still selling well both as a series star, film and advertising. Beauty Song Hye Kyo is not only famous in Korea, but also outside of Korea.

In fact, in 2010 and then, beauty star of ‘Full House’ is recognized worldwide. His name was entered in the 100 most beautiful women in the world. He is ranked 18 th. In fact, he defeated Hollywood actresses such as Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba.

Song Hye Kyo is the first Korean artist to gain recognition as the most beautiful woman in the world.


source: vivanews.com