Actress Go Ara has teamed up with actor Kim Soo Hyun to model for popular camera brand ‘Canon‘.

On May 31st, Go Ara’s agency (SM Entertainment) released that Go Ara was picked up by Canon for the endorsement. Canon in turn praised the actress by saying, “Go Ara, who’s loved by people in their 20’s, has a face and facial expressions that show a charm that goes well with Canon IXUS. We believe the new CF with her will help the new compact camera become better known.”

Go Ara finished filming the CF near the end of May, where she acted as Kim Soo Hyun’s girlfriend.

She commented, “I usually have a lot of fun taking selcas and have always been interested in photography so I’m happy to be a camera model. I will show a good image through the CF.”

The CF will start airing in June.

credits: Asia Today via Nate News, heartfacee via allkpop