Few things that should makes me better:
– Social networking. @SBayugiri Shafira Bayugiri sbayugiri
– Music; close your eyes and feel the rhythm in your ear ♪
– Sing along with the music–fangirling
– Dance! Woohoo! I wanna dance dance dance d-dance! ♬
– Simple body excercise; sit up, push up, stretching
– Books; simple touch of fiction and its smell
– Free style writing suplement–blogging
– Mixed salad & mixed juice
– Story telling. I mean, curhat.
– One more hour for sleeping after the snooze zzz, zzz, zzz…

Few things that could makes me down:
– Bad time stories. Ah, story of my life…

With honor,
Miss A – I don’t Need A Man.