Well, hello!

I just saw the stats of my blog and realized that the ‘Korean’ tags is very popular and got the biggest number of views on my blog. Well, why don’t we open a class for Korean language?

No, I’m not a Korean teacher or local. I’m totally foreigner and have poor grammar in English subject, as you see. But you can understand what I mean so far, don’t you?

I don’t think I can make it if I post the learning program once a week or more frequently. April 15th is coming near, which is my national exam for High School. And actually this week is also my school exam week, but don’t mind it.

Soon, I will post the spoiler for the program. Hehehe get ready for Korean!

By the way, I apply for a k-pop dance contest. Please be sure to vote us!
Go to that link and then open the Gallery tab, search our video ‘SPEEDY DANCE MANIA – 5SecsRules’ and vote us! You can vote by Twitter or Facebook or both of them, hehehe 😀

Try to find me in tht video!