Okay first, if you don’t like Kpop, don’t read this post. I just don’t wanna spamming your timeline with my Kpop post hehehehe!
426 days since EXO made their debut with ‘MAMA’! I don’t believe this, EXO Stans have waited sooo long for EXO to comeback. SM really liked to tease us and trolling with us so we just adapted to EXO’s comeback rumours that never actually happened. But then someone heard in Mnet Wide News that EXO is on the list for comeback this May! How could we believe in such things again?! But now we do.

SMTOWN just released two yearbook-like teaser photos titled ‘XOXO’. There’s a wolf head on the logo. Do you remember the issue that EXO’s comeback song was accidentally leaked, titled ‘Wolf’?

No I’m not assuming that ‘Wolf’ would be their comeback song, but……… I think you should see it by yourself!

I’m getting more excited since there’s a news that Kai and Sehun’s teaser photos would be released tomorrow. I just can’t wait!