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Halo! Hello! 안녕!

So, today I am about to post in 3 languages, Indonesian, English, and Korea. Well just so you know, I am not an expert for those language except Indonesian, which is my mother language. But I want to try something new with what I learned and what I am learning right now. So here it is!

It’s not really a tips how to be blessed in Ramadhan month or something. It is more like a diary for me hahaha :p Like, what I feel and what I regret, what I want to do, and so on. I am glad to meet Ramadhan month again this year!^^

Jadi, sebetulnya ini gak penting untuk disimak karena ini pengalaman pribadi berdasarkan apa yang aku rasa bulan Ramadhan ini. Meskipun hal-hal kecil tapi mungkin aja sih bermanfaat buat yang lain… 🙂

난 한국말 잘 못하는데 이런걸로 더 노력하고 싶어요~ 틀림 있으면 꼭! 알려주세욤^^

1. Lakukan sesuatu. Do something. 아무거나 해라

Bukan hal yang besar, tapi hal kecil yang bermanfaat. Untuk jasmani dan rohani, memenuhi kebutuhan. At least, do something that works for yourself. There’s no need to force yourself but a tiny of willing will help. 아무것도 안하면 더 심심하게 만들고요. 헤어마스크 혼자서 만들거나 카카오 스토리로 읽은 책을 추천하거나…아무것도 할수있는것을 꼭 하세요!

2. Berbagi. Share. 공유하기.

Berbagi sesuatu yang orang lain gapunya bisa meningkatkan indeks kebahagiaan kita, lho! Beside, it would also give you unexpected experience you’ve never had before. 그런 느낌 느껴서 라마단 즐겁게 보낼수있죠! Sesuatu yang kecil, bahkan senyum juga dapat kita bagi untuk siapapun kan? So don’t be too lazy to do something for others. 해준것 만큼 받으세요~

3. Istirahat yang cukup. Rest well. 푹 쉬어요.

Melakukan segala hal yang kita ingin, boleh. Tapi jangan terlalu bersemangat karena memungkinkan puasa kamu terganggu juga. Rest a bit to release your stress and sleep with good quality. Use a cucumber mask in your eyes to make you more comfortable. 너무 힘들게 하면서도 좋지 않아서 푹 쉬는것이 필요해요!

Nah, itu tadi beberapa hal yang aku rangkum, supaya bulan Ramadhan kita berkah:) Don’t forget to pray 5 times and do sunnah pray. Keep up your spirit to finish Ramadhan beautifully~ 종요 안하는데 계속 읽고 있어서 감사드립니당^^


Me want!


Masih memendam impianmu untuk berkunjung ke Korea? KTO selaku organisasi pariwisata resminya akan mewujudkan mimpimu dengan cara yang sangat mudah. Bukan cuma untukmu tapi kamu juga bisa mengajak 1 orang temanmu untuk mewujudkan mimpi kalian di sana dalam suatu event yang bertajuk TO:UR IMAGINATION. Jadi di event ini nantinya akan dipilih 8 pemenang/tim di mana masing-masing tim terdiri dari 2 orang dan mereka berhak untuk menikmati hadiah eksklusif wisata ke Korea Selatan untuk jangka waktu 4 hari 3 malam dimana didalamnya sudah termasuk :

  1. Tiket pesawat pp
  2. Akomodasi
  3. Korea pass card senilai 500.000 won
  4. One day Imagination Tour guide 

Selain itu masih ada hadiah lainnya yang menarik seperti :

  • iPad Mini Retina WiFi/16GB (2 pemenang)
  • Tas Ransel MGM (3 pemenang)
  • DVD Autograph BIGBANG (30 pemenang)

the prizes

Event ini sendiri berlangsung mulai 15 Juli – 31 Agustus 2014, di mana pemenangnya akan terpilih secara acak dan akan diumumkan pada 15 September 2014

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kc corner

Fellas! It’s been a while -approximately 9 months- since the last time I posted here T.T I was so busy to death lately. Anyway I am a university student now! HAHAHA now I get what you mean “no more high school”. It means “no more holiday”. OTL

Korean language has been my entire day lately, since I am majoring on it. Yet sometimes I feel exhausted and want to try something new………but HEY! It’s just my first two semester XD

So! I decided to create a designed Korean language lessons, with additional things like history, culture, and stuffs – it’s called Korean Corner! I am opening it on my office website, Korean Chingu. It is in Indonesian, though…

You can access it right here –> http://www.korean-chingu.com/category/korean-corner/

Anyway, how are you guys? I really miss posting here and read your comments and reply it. So please, please, AND PRETTY PLEASE~~~ comment bellow. Comment anything, everything. Your outfit of the day, your opinion about me, your day, your school, basically EVERYTHING. I would love to hear that and will glad to talk to you more! 🙂

My old Twitter account have been blocked by Russian T.T I made a new account! Hehehe mention me!!!

My new Twitter –> https://twitter.com/afi__/


On early August, I had a great chance to go to South Korea, for FREE! Provided by Korea Tourism Organization, me and another winner from Indonesia went there by airplane. We both haven’t experienced South Korea before, but we relying on each other and having so much fun together there. 🙂

Well, the first thing I feel when I arrived in Incheon airport was this: familiar. I don’t know, like I have been staying here for years, I feel like it’s my home and everything was exactly like I’ve been imagining these times. I was totally surprised for this feeling since it’s my first time to traveling alone with no big preparation. But I know, I have been stalking South Korea for four years before I got this rare opportunity. 😀

Me and Allysa, the other winner, were welcomed by Korea Tourism Organization staffs who were really friendly! We were so glad because we both didn’t know anybody here and there. We recorded a short welcoming interview after 7 hours of flight, and then we rode a bus to Seoul~! 😀

On that night, we all the winners gathered and getting know each other. There are 30 winners total from 22 countries, and we were slightly emerged into the tight relationship because the Hallyu Wave itself. And on the next week, we became a family, through this trip.




For a week, we went to many places around Seoul.

We went to N Seoul Tower, enjoying the amazing night view from Namsan and locked our first meeting experience there.

We went to Myeongdong as our first destination to spent our time (and money).

We went to DEF Dance School, a K-POP dance academy, where we tried our best to growl like a wolf (YEAH!!! BEAT IT EXO!!!).

We went to SM Everysing and sang together in one voice, heated up the karaoke room with the KTO staffs and managers.

We walking through JYP Entertainment office building and went to Cube Cafe to buy a cup of coffee while the sun buzzing us like a bee.

We went to Gwangjang Market and bought a traditional souvenirs with our voucher.

We went to Skinanniversary to shoot our profile pictures and get a free self-make-up time.

We went to Bukcheon Hanok Village and did a secret mission there.

We went to Dongdaemun and shopping from sun sets until the sun rises again.

We went to a Korean Traditional Cooking Class and tried Hanbok, and also took a picture in front of Korean House.

We went to a non-verbal performance, JUMP!, which very popular in Indonesia, and got a touching present from Korea Tourism Organization.

We went to Lotte World and got to know some tourism university students, made a short film there, and also ice skating!

We went to Garosu-gil where everything looks extremely fabulous.


We went to MBC Show Champion broadcasting show and soaked our throat.

We went to Banpo Bridge and having a great time with chicken, coke, and beer.

We went to Gyeongbok Palace by subway and fight with the hot summer while making a promotional video.

We went to Gangnam and met a cute Oppa which makes me falling in love again and again as he trying to keep contact with me until now. ❤

We went to Hongdae and shed our tears because it’s our farewell party.

I will never getting tired to recall and cherish the memories we’ve made in South Korea. How everyone became one heart, keeping each other safe, feeding each other, talking and sharing each other. How I met a great and unexpected people there, how they respect and warmly greeting us every morning. How they gave us a morning call one by one because they didn’t want us to be late for the schedule. And everything will be very precious to remember, while everything seems impossible for me and they looked me in the eyes and told me that nothing is more special than us. Every beautiful place that shed up our experiences will also remained in our eyes, how South Korea means a lot for us, and for me particularly.

Nothing can beat our family-like friendship. And you know, world is just a little thumbs to go, as long as you have your friend beside you. Surfing the Korean Wave 2013 family, Korea Tourism Organization, project managers, team managers, tour guides, and all the related staffs. Thank you for such a wonderful trip I’ve ever know. :’) I would be glad if Korean Air give me a chance once again. I missed you guys, always! 사랑해요<3

Great one!!! 대박하세요~ 🙂

Korean Chingu

sing coverUntuk meramaikan peringatan tiga tahun Korean Chingu, kami mengadakan Singing Cover Contest yang harus banget kalian ikuti! :D


  1. Peserta dapat individual maupun grup (maksimal 3 orang)
  2. SUBSCRIBE akun YouTube KC
  3. Lagu yang dinyanyikan bertema Korea bebas, dapat K-Pop maupun OST K-Drama
  4. Mengucapkan / menyanyikan ucapan selamat ulang tahun ke-3 Korean Chingu pada awal video atau akhir
  5. Unggah videomu / kelompokmu dengan format judul ‘[artis penyanyi] – [judul lagu] KoreanChingu SC’. Contoh: K.Will – Love Blossom KoreanChingu SC
  6. Kirim link videomu / kelompokmu ke koreanchingu@gmail.com, sertakan namamu / kelompok + nama anggota dalam email. Paling akhir tanggal 11 Agustus, dan pengumuman pemenang pada 15 Agustus.


  • Juara 1: Sertifikat pemenang, buku “Korean Chingu”, buku “Korean Chingu’s Fandoom!”, pulsa AS senilai Rp100.000,- & video diunggah di akun YT KC*
  • Juara 2: Sertifikat pemenang & buku “Korean Chingu”
  • Juara 3: Sertifikat pemenang & buku “Korean Chingu’s Fandoom!”

*Logo KC akan…

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Note that I did not wore a skirt on purpose.

I was just trying to fairly wear all of my clothes and I haven’t wore this baby doll dress since a long time ago. Then my Grandma asked me to give a call to Pizza Hut.

Yeaaay!!! IT’S PIZZA, MAN!!!

When the delivery man arrived, I was waiting in the front yard. So I brought my wallet and approached him. He was being too clumsy or something, I don’t know, but he looks awed with my appearance?

He parked his motorbike and put his helmet on the delivery box. Then it slowly comes down and I catched them before it broke my toes. And he didn’t thanked me or even took the helmet from me. I hold his helmet until he gave me the pizza and the bills.

Okay so I put the pizza and he asked me if I have a ballpoint. HEY, OF COURSE I DO. I gave him my ballpoint.

Then he asked me one more time. I hold my laughter. ”What day is it?”

”First of July.” I said. And he explained what I have to do with my voucher. I don’t have any idea on what he was talking about back then. He’s just too cute LOL no way… Can you imagine, he wrote today’s date with my wallet as a base!

I gave him the money, with additional for tip, and he didn’t even check the money and put it on his pocket. And he suddenly turned back and gave me a drink. Haha yeah I ordered it before, okay.

Then he turned his body again and ask me the bill. He told me ”May I have it, because you have the voucher. I’m afraid we have to call you back another time.”




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