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Fellas! It’s been a while -approximately 9 months- since the last time I posted here T.T I was so busy to death lately. Anyway I am a university student now! HAHAHA now I get what you mean “no more high school”. It means “no more holiday”. OTL

Korean language has been my entire day lately, since I am majoring on it. Yet sometimes I feel exhausted and want to try something new………but HEY! It’s just my first two semester XD

So! I decided to create a designed Korean language lessons, with additional things like history, culture, and stuffs – it’s called Korean Corner! I am opening it on my office website, Korean Chingu. It is in Indonesian, though…

You can access it right here –> http://www.korean-chingu.com/category/korean-corner/

Anyway, how are you guys? I really miss posting here and read your comments and reply it. So please, please, AND PRETTY PLEASE~~~ comment bellow. Comment anything, everything. Your outfit of the day, your opinion about me, your day, your school, basically EVERYTHING. I would love to hear that and will glad to talk to you more! 🙂

My old Twitter account have been blocked by Russian T.T I made a new account! Hehehe mention me!!!

My new Twitter –> https://twitter.com/afi__/


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