where your morning sky transform into beautiful scenes

Well, me is just me. The plain me.

I am just an ordinary organism named Shafira. With additional two names, Bayugiri Ramadhiani. And a nickname, Afi.

I was born in Indonesia. West Java, where people tend to be more gentle than others. In a little city named Bandung. February the 21st.

Do not bother me when I am on my period.

I do not have an Instagram. Or Path. Or Ask.fm page. It’s not that I don’t want to be exposed or smth. Just. Lazy. That’s all.

I tend to be perfectionist, I think. People can’t easily know what I am thinking. Usually they don’t know what I’ve been through all this time. I don’t speak comfortably with anyone, except they know me for approximately 2 months.

I heard what you said. Be careful.

I can’t leave a page still blank.

You know, I can’t write an introduction…


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